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I am a science enthusiast, who is fascinated by coding and tinkering. I hold a masters degree in Science on Marine Biology, and currently pursuing a PhD in “Biophysical interactions of phytoplankton and fluid system”. R is my primary tool, in which I love to do most of my analytics. But my realm of coding  is not limited to R. I have done several projects in pythontoo.

I have a knack in hobby circuits and amateur mechatronic systems using arduino, particularly on scientific apparatus and expedition gears. I found myself very fit in scientific analysis, especially on oceanographic/Remote sensing/Atmospheric/ecological datasets. I have a great bunch of specialised R codes in hand for analysis in elliptical Fourier descriptors (EFD), mapping, PCA etc. I also have experience in time series analysis, ARIMA, and forecasting. Beyond this, I have a dependable proficiency in image processing (remote sensing/imagery), text mining and machine learning. I could deliver to you brief reports on insights with beautiful visualisations.


Being a researcher, we have to strive ahead with technology to ease our studies. As a science students/researchers we all are aware about latest tech revolutions, but we have a habit on focusing on what matters to us. The best part of it is that we could make a great deal of pleasure and enjoyable working habit when using open source technologies. I would like to create a small community, which has to make use of the base-level technologies. It may seem like retro techs for post-apocalyptic survivors, but it should be inevitable for limitless minds.

Experience open source 

I am using open source tools for brewing my insights and predictions. The open source work environment is more flexible and transparent. The tools I am using are compatible with multiple platforms, which are accessible to everyone. My codes are designed and streamlined for researchers to do their works with minimal effort and time.

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Midhun shah Hussain

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