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A tool box for BioArgo Analysis

version 1.0


  Oceanographers are usually cluttered with enormous amount of data, for analysis and for downloading, which is a tedious job. Ponman for Bio-Argo could download the data directly to the working directory, according to your prior categories. Ponman is an R Language implementation developed to reduce the data-researcher barrier to promote the effective use of Bio-Argo floats. More than an R package, it has comprehensive tool sets for the Bio-Argo, from data acquisition to plotting & analysis. Ponman is a user-friendly package for a regular R user with the aid of our detailed documentation.


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chlorophyll vertical profiles
Single profiles
Contour section graphs
Temperature filled contour
Filled contours with overlay
Mapping with satellite imagery
Simple mapping

CHAOS (CHAmber Of Settling) is an ambitious project for studying climate change variabilities in phytoplankton using cybernetic systems, made by the open source technologies.


Currently we are unable to continue due to financial crisis. Please help us by contribute your own involvement in this project


CHAmber of Settling


Terrariums are actually the representation of real nature in a small space, often in glass bowls or containers. They can be either closed or open. These little environments represent different ecosystems,based on the plants and substratum you select. They are self-sustaining ecosystems with a desired landscape, which can be used to illustrate/demonstrate how an ecosystem works, which makes terrarium scientifically very significant. Mosses, ferns, succulents, cacti, tiny creepers are the favorite plants for them. However, you can grow many different kinds of plants with a proper care. We planing to make more advanced terreriumsincluding both flora and fauna.


Advanced Integrated Remote sensing of Environment with EarthData using neural Networks

( On Progress )*

A project started for integrating remote sensing databases form earth data (NASA) for ecological studies, especially on oceanography. AIREEN is an R package for raster statistics, banding and spatial analysis. The main focus is on: chlorophyll dynamics, temperature anomalies, wind data and SSH changes. Effective time series analysis and predictive forecasting from remote sensing data are the main highlight of this package.

Updates will COme SoOn. . . . .


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