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We are committed to grow with science working closure to our customers to develop strategies for scientific research, and make solutions to their endowers successfully. Our honesty is trustworthy, with a strong commitment to client’s data security through foolproof technology. Take accountability for our actions with moral obligations to our business based ethics. We are committed to tackle big challenges to attract and retain clients with best in class services. To operate our business more environment friendly, we are not at all using print materials in administration or operations. We are committed to build mutually beneficial partnership with innovative technology providers, in order to develop high quality business solutions that are easy to operate with existing open source programmes. Our continuous mission is to be professional, vibrant, competitive and profitable company in the field of data science and science outsourcing.

Social Analytics


Statistics of a society are inevitable information, commonly used for development strategies. Here we set a different angle of social informatics. We focus on localised data collected from our volunteers, to track data which are socially relevant like: plastic waste, accidents or politicians score cards, etc. These data sets are good enough to predict the possibilities of waste dumping and its sourcing. A data collection on bike accidents is already going on. Geo-spatial relevance of criminal activity is our next thing to proceed.

Imaging and taxonomic automation

We are investing a lot in image analysis and its automation. A variety of R modules and scripting do this work. We use our core techniques in pattern recognition and it's quantification. Techniques such as thin plate spline (TPS) and elliptical Fourier descriptors are our current tools in developing taxonomic cues of fishes and phytoplankton, with the help of taxonomists. We have also trained neural networks for its reliable automation.

Survey statistics


We currently offer post processing of data, but on the way to do the sampling and data collection directly - using data probes. We will use open source platforms to work. Furthermore, a couple of jobs await for a data volunteers, who are willing to extract data from live environment or digital with greater accuracy and consistency.

Citizen science & Research


Citizen science would be our dream project in the oncoming decade. We offer a variety of data science teaching, scientific awareness, and information regarding well being & traditional lifestyle. We are eager to work along with NGOs to fulfill this endeavour. We are readily available for both, young and old to pass the scientific knowledge. A lot of people who did not dwell in academic but have a thirst for knowledge, live among us. We will encourage those people by providing the platform for their research and innovation, in both ways - technically and economically.  

Information Hubs


This might be realised only after the success of the citizen research. As we all know, we get information readily available on almost everything in Google. But can you search the location of the local herbal plant in your home land. You could find that it is difficult. We know a lot of things around the World, but lack most of the knowledge nearby our feet. This knowledge is valuable, and it is mostly traditional. We have to preserve it for the future and make sure that it will be accessible for the common local people. These information hubs will serve as a bridge from old to young. All kinds of data such as: local herbs, common trees, geo-spatial relevance & location, common birds, domesticated animals, pets, wild encounters, endemic diseases, have to be well-maintained digital systems.

Machine learning and Advanced AI


Artificial intelligence is the most discussed computer application in modern times. We are currently developing  the utilisation of machine learning tools such as artificial neural networks, and other learning programs to enhance the automation of the analysis. We use these applications to generate real-time statistics from the internet, and provide innovative services for the customers. Also, the same would generate quality research products, which deal with repetitive and time-consuming constraints. We hope this will make an impact on the researching community, on those who are in continuous data analysis.

Real time  & Accurate prediction systems


The future of data science might be fascinating. As more and more people engage in digital life, a huge real time information is well available. We are on a mission to develop more accurate predictions on traffic, appointments, and many more. This needs more support from people.

We are currently working on the development of an android app for user level data collection. We need more smart volunteers and finest brains to fulfill our mission. For more information on hiring, go to people & contacts.


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