• Tanja Šipilović

Make a butterfly garden - here is why! 🦋

Butterfly garden is a garden made of various pollinator-friendly plants, aiming towards attracting more butterfly species, often native for the habitat. Besides the obvious – enjoying the beauty of flowers and butterflies, there are many other reasons to support this

kind of garden:

1. Help growing the rare and threatened populations of butterflies by planting native plants which they feed on. Many butterflies are becoming less abundant as a result of habitat destruction and fragmentation, and they do not feed on the plants regularly found in gardens. Done correctly, by carefully choosing habitat specific plant species, butterfly gardening can increase the populations of butterflies.

2. Butterflies have a big role in keeping the ecosystem balance. They are flower pollinators and attracting them assists the reproduction rate of nearby plants. Typically, flowers that attract butterflies can also attract other insects, increasing an overall diversity of the flora and fauna.

3. Sometimes, these gardens can help in establishing research data for certain butterfly species. For example, tagging monarch butterflies help scientists monitor the monarch population and their migratory routes.

4. Apart from being useful in scientific research and keeping the ecosystem's balance, butterfly gardening can also serve as an educational opportunity for children, as a safe way to introduce them to the natural world.

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