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Why researcher need an Arduino?

Arduino is an open source hardware platform that can be able to design and implement our ideas very easily. One of the major issues for the scientists is to develop their own custom electronic equipment’s for the analysis of various parameters or testing various samples. In this scenario Arduino can play an important role in modern research. The basic skill you needed to use these kind of development board is just some basic C-programming concepts or basic electronics knowledge.

Make your stuffs with simple electronic components

An Arduino platform includes with variety of micro-controller boards that can be easily programmed with an Arduino-IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In Arduino-IDE we can program our Arduino board with our custom program and can be upload the sketch easily through a simple USB connection, there are lots of sensors and equipment’s available in market, which can be easily interface with an Arduino board with the help libraries, these Arduino platform includes with a  community having lots of developers and hobbyists provide lots of tutorials and custom libraries and variety of programming support for every kind of sensors and devices.  This technical support is much more sufficient for a scientist to design and develop their own accurate and more reliable equipment’s.

More about Arduino will come soon. . . . . .

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